What Service You Can Use to Ship a Car to the UK

There are many reasons why you might want to shop a car from the USA to the UK. You may be moving to work in the UK, and want to take your car with you, or – as is often the case – you may have found your ideal dream car in the USA, and need to ship it home.

In some cases, classic and vintage cars can be less expensive in the USA. Also, those that have been kept in drier parts of the USA for most of their lives will be less likely to rust, and may be in top condition. Otherwise, you might want to buy a car that was unavailable in the UK and made in the USA, and there are many desirable and rare vehicles that you might like the look of.

What you do want to be sure of is that your car is shipped carefully, by professionals who know what they are doing, and with all the right paperwork and attention to detail. One company that can ship a car to the UK with expertise and all the customer attention you need is Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Specialists in vehicle shipping since 1977, you can rely on them for getting your vehicle home as it should be.


Schumacher Cargo Logistics can also offer you a cost-effective method of shipping, in which you share a container with other customers. This will reduce costs considerably, but may include a short waiting time. If you want exclusive use of a container – or you are perhaps shipping more than one vehicle at a time – then that is no problem, as they can ship from various locations to a number of ports in the UK for your convenience.

They will also arrange for delivery directly to you should you wish, with pick up from anywhere in the USA, so you don’t have to arrange for collection from the docks. Alternative to the container method is the Roll on-Roll off shipping method; this may be the most affordable way of shipping a single vehicle, but be aware the car must be in running order as it needs to be driven into and out of the ship. It may also mean longer shipping times. The main arrival ports that can handle Ro-Ro in the UK are Southampton and Liverpool.

Import Process

Using a professional such as Schumacher Cargo Logistics means you don’t have to worry about the paperwork for the import process, which can be complex for a novice. They will also help you handle the tax issues, which can also be complicated depending upon your status and the origins of the vehicle itself.

You can get a basic quote for shipping from the USA to the UK on the website, or for a more detailed idea of what it will cost, get in touch with one of the team now, and take advantage of friendly, professional help and advice from experts in the field.

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