Is G Suite or Dropbox the Better Cloud Storage Option for Businesses?

Both Dropbox and G Suite have great cloud storage platforms. The question is, which one is the best cloud storage option. Today, we’re going to look at price, storage space, reliability, and ease-of-use.

In the end, there really is only one that is worth your money…

Are you ready to find out which one it is?

G Suite vs. Dropbox: Price

Starting out, both G Suite and Dropbox are almost priced identically, with the G Suite Business Plan costing $12 per user/per month (see all plans and pricing options here) and the dropbox comparable Standard Business plan costing $12.50 per user/per month (with a 3 user minimum – more details here).

Of course, there are other plans such as the G Suite Enterprise Plan which cost $25.00 per user/per month and the Dropbox Professional Plan which cost $20 per user/per month. In most cases, the Google Business Plan and/or the Dropbox Plus Plan is more than sufficient.

G Suite vs. Dropbox: Storage Space

Next, how much space will you get with G suite and Dropbox?

With the G Suite Business Plan, you will get 1 TB of storage space which can become unlimited if you have more than five users on your G Suite Business Plan. With the Dropbox Standard Business Plan, you will get 3 TB of storage space, but you do not get an unlimited option no matter how many users you have on your plan.

Most users will not need more than 1 TB of storage space. However, when comparing apples-to-apples, you do get three times as much space from Dropbox for pretty much the same amount of money. Where things get a little more tricky is when you have more than five users, because G Suite gives you unlimited storage once you’ve got more than five users on the same account.

Dropbox does give you another option through their Advanced Professional Plan that does give you unlimited storage space, but that’s $20 per user per month (3 user minimum) compared to G Suite’s $12.50 per user per month (with 5 users). 

The key piece to understand is that 100% of G Suite’s files and documents created with Sheets, Docs, Slides, etc. do not count toward the 1TB storage total … which changes things and makes that 1TB go a lot farther.

G Suite vs. Dropbox: Reliability

Both Dropbox and G Suite are extremely reliable companies, built off of the backbone of two of the largest technology companies in the world. Very rarely will you ever hear that Dropbox or Google has gone down in any way.

In fact, Dropbox has a 99.99% uptime rate and Google has a 99.978% uptime rate. That’s almost perfect! And honestly, no one else really even comes close when it comes to uptime reliability.

G Suite vs. Dropbox: Ease of Use

Both platforms are extremely easy to use, but G Suite is built for accessibility from any device at any time. Dropbox does have certain features that allow it to be accessed from anywhere, but it is still behind G Suite when it comes to complete accessibility.

G Suite can work with your computer, your laptop, your tablet, your smartphone, and he can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Dropbox can work with your computer, your laptop your tablet, your smartphone and can be accessed from anywhere at any time, but it lacks the ability to do certain things like document and spreadsheet editing on-the-fly.

Plus, G suite gives you access to your email and all your other files from one simplified location; Dropbox just can’t match this.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, G Suite provides so much more when compared to Dropbox. Yes, they are both cloud storage options, but G Suite is so much more than just a cloud storage option.

For the price alone, G Suite is a no-brainer. For the features, it becomes clear that Dropbox needs a little more “oomph” to keep up.

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