Recover Deleted Photos from Android Phone

We’ve all suffered this at one time, haven’t we? We’ve either accidentally lost of deleted photos of our friends, family and different events that have occurred in our life. Either that or our phone has suffered from water or other physical damage. This can be nothing short of a disaster. Up until that point, even if we had sometimes backed up our photos, we probably just assumed our phone would stay in good working condition and that the photos would be safe.

Obviously, if you have stored your photos elsewhere, you can easily retrieve them. For instance, if you have uploaded them to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even the cloud using DropBox, Google Drive, Google Photos or whatever your preferred service or application is. Then, it’s just a simple case of logging into that account and downloading the copy kept on their servers. Simple as that.

If you have saved all your photos onto an SD card, even if your phone is not working properly, you could still recover the photos and other files saved on the card, by retrieving them through another device. Whether you use a computer, your tablet or another phone, it’s entirely up to you.

What though, if you don’t have the above options? Everything is still not lost; you just need to use the right tool for the job. FindMyPhoto is a free photo recovery app for Android phone that is simple and effective to use.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve lost photos by:

  • Deleting them by accident – we’ve all done it. It’s embarrassing, but nothing to be ashamed of and now it’s no longer the end of the world. But more on that later.
  • Water damage, whether it’s because you’ve been texting in the rain and dropped it in a puddle or trying to take a selfie of you and a fish or something silly like that, FindMyPhoto can still help.
  • Physical Damage – even this can’t stop the app from retrieving your photos from your phone.
  • Failed root– another common problem is when you failed to root to your Android phone those great pictures you wanted to keep.

The bottom line is that in any of the above situations, FindMyPhoto will help you out.

Compatible with all File Types

It will recover photos in any file type used with Android phones, including PNG, JPEG and JPG.

Doesn’t Need a Computer or Root

You don’t need to use your computer or root your device to recover your photos like other methods require.

Both External and Internal Recoveries Are Possible

The awesome thing is that both external and internal recoveries are possible. So even if you lost it from the external memory card or the internal on-board memory, you can still recover your images.

So, now you no longer need to threat or worry if your phone gets damaged or you accidentally delete that picture of you and your best friends last summer before you headed to university. With FindMyPhoto you can recover all lost images and even videos too.

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