Free Android Anti-Virus App

The world has become dominated by computers and hand-held communication devices; you probably carry a smartphone, for example, that is capable of much more than you us it for. As for computers, we use them both at work and in the home, and one of the major concerns is that of internet security. This is a very real problem – you may have read of any of the hacks endured by some of the biggest companies in existence, proving that nobody is safe – and one that you should be aware of to no small degree.

Viruses and hacking are concerns because of the sheer amount of sensitive information that we store online. This applies both to individuals – who may have bank details and other information for various purposes – and to corporate entities, for whom the computer is a vital tool, yet one that contains plenty that could be dangerous if accessed by those who are not meant to see it. For this reason, anti-virus solutions are an absolute necessity, and it is vital that you make sure you have the best. You probably have such software on your computers at home – but what about on your phone?

Protect Your Home

This is a common oversight: people routinely protect their laptop, for example, against viruses, but omit to do the same for their phone or tablet. The danger comes when these devices are used in public Wi-Fi hotspots, where there is easy access to anyone using the facility by those who know how. And believe us when we say it is surprisingly simple to access your information when you are in a public system, so we advise you stay away from anything to do with banking unless on your secure home or work network.

So, what can you do? We found an excellent free Samsung anti-virus app, suitable also for many other devices running the Android operating system, from market leaders AVG, and they also deal in many other solutions for protecting all your devices. They have been in the business for many years, and are one of the most recognised brands in internet security. They can help with all your computer security requirements, and have a wide variety of products to offer.

Stay Safe Online

It is best to be vigilant when working online, as it is not possible to be 100% secure. You should change your passwords every now and then – and never use the same one for sensitive details as you do for, say, social networking sites – and you should be careful what you access in public hot spots. Also, never give your details or passwords to anyone else, no matter how close they may be, as this can mean your information is accessible by someone else.

For more information on their full range of products, and help with internet security, check out, where you will find everything you need to make sure you are safe and sound when browsing the internet every time.

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