Cool Things You Can Do with a 3D Printer

One of the most interesting technological advances of the last couple of years is undoubtedly the invention of the 3D printers.  For the uninitiated, 3D printers such as the Cube Personal 3D printer bring your designs to life.  They follow a pattern and build it in 3D by melting plastic filament and drawing hundreds of fine layers on top of one another until you have the completed item.  The possibilities are endless with what it can actually build, but here are 5 really cool things that a 3D printer can build for you.

The Maker Faire Robot

The World Maker Faire is a famous and popular event in New York and the Maker Faire Robot is one of the iconic centrepieces of the faire.  There are different sizes and varieties you can choose so that you can have your miniature robot exactly the way you want it.  Obviously you can have it in whatever colour you choose, and if you have friends and family you could give them this as a cool little DIY keepsake!

The Batman Logo

If you are a DC comic book fan, comic book fan or superheros fan in general then what else would you want than your very own Batman symbol?  That’s right, nothing.  As the logo is very small they don’t use much filament when printing so if you are just starting to use your 3D printer with high quality printer ribbons this is one of the coolest and simplest things to print.

A Tablet Stand

While it may be tempting to print off cool and attractive trinkets and ornaments with your 3D printer, you can actually print out things that have some practical value.  If you have a tablet, this is a really cool way to display it while you are not using it.  The printing process for creating this handy stand only takes around 2 hours to complete, so you won’t have to wait too long to display your tablet with style.  This is another one of the 3D objects that you could give as a gift to friends and family and once they set eyes upon they will undoubtedly want one for themselves anyway!

Companion Cube

This is a funky little cube that you can print out so that you have a little friend to keep you company while you print your 3D objects.  You will never feel lonely again with this cute little thing!  Sometimes you just need a small companion cube in your life to make everything seem that little bit better!

Cute Octopus

Perhaps the most bizarre thing featured in this post, but sometimes you just want a 3D octopus to put on your desk while you work from your workplace or home office.  The octopus is even posing with one of his tentacles raised as if he is saying “Hello there”.  If you are stuck for a Valentine’s Day gift or just an occasional gift for your partner, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover who likes the natural world then this may be an option you could consider.

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