Top 5 Android Apps to Stay Updated with the Financial News

Have you ever heard the term “The future is mobile”? There are industries that are exactly in tune with this statement. The future, where people will not even need Desktops and Laptops is closer than most can imagine. Even today, most people complete their tasks or do their jobs through their smartphones and the technology is evolving with no end in sight.

One of the best industries for utilizing an App is the financial industry. If you’re a trader, then you’re likely to spend a considerable amount of time at your computer, but what about the time that you’re away from it? There is always a chance of missing a spike or a fluctuation in the market without anything to notify you about it.

Most traders already have various Apps designed for trading, but what are the Top Android Apps for Financial news?

Well, according to ForexNewsNow’s twitter page, there are about 5 that are worth listing. Looking into them, it is easy to see why these specific Apps were chosen. Let’s discuss them.


Bloomberg is considered to be THE financial news source. Pretty much every other financial website you’ve seen has quoted Bloomberg at some point. So why not get the App of a website where all of the sources are originated from?

The Bloomberg App helps deliver quality information about the most important events in both the Financial and the Political spheres. App

Similar to the Bloomberg App, also has a Mobile App dedicated to Financial news as well as charts for various assets. Be they currency pairs, stock prices or cryptocurrencies, the ability to track them is available on the App.

It’s recommended to have both apps installed on the smartphone as it offers different points of view on the same topic. For example, once Bloomberg makes an article about Brexit, will have done the same, giving you two points of view to make the best decision about your next trade.

FxPro Calendar

The FxPro calendar is a great App to have if you’re willing to look into the future. The App comes with various features such as market news, event tracking and most importantly, the predictions.

Experts at FxPro make their predictions based on already existing, and upcoming news in the nearest future. So by the time the news does come out, you’d be ready to execute the trade.

This App also goes well with Bloomberg and as it helps to confirm predictions and reaffirm your next move.


NASDAQ Quotes is also a great addition to your smartphone. It comes in contrast with everything else, as NASDAQ tends to approach various market news in a different manner than any other. In most cases, you’d see multiple viewpoints combined into one article from NASDAQ, so it could be considered as multiple apps installed on your smartphone.

The NASDAQ Quotes App also comes with various charts and information about different stocks and assets. It is considered to be the most accurate in the world.

The Street App

The Street App focuses mainly on the financial news aspect of the market. You’ll be able to get some solid insight into various financial markets from the App.

But without a doubt, the biggest value in, The Street App is their proprietary stock ratings mode. It helps in tracking the prices much easier and quicker.

As you can see all of these apps are created by respected and sophisticated providers in the industry. All of them carry Brands that are recognizable all over the world. Therefore it is not a surprise that these platforms made into the Top 5 list of best Financial news apps in the world.

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