Where Can Content Creators Find Free Music for their Videos

The great thing about living in the Digital Age is that it has given all of us a chance to enhance our creativity. Many people have taken to blogging, and share their experiences in writing, others choose to share images tracking their daily lives in the likes of Instagram, and the sheer scope for social media interaction is as broad as it can be.

In fact, one of the most impressive mediums is that of video, and it’s a very popular one with large numbers of content creators in many different areas of the media. Whether you are simply into making little films to show to your friends, or are aiming to build your YouTube channel and get a name for yourself, there’s one factor that you have to be very careful with: music, and royalties.

Royalties are fees paid to the owner of the publishing rights to the music – often the author – and if you use music on your videos that is subject to royalties, be aware that you will be held accountable for the fees that are due! It’s only right, of course, that artists get paid for their work. So, where can you find royalty-free music to use in your videos? Let’s have a look!

Find the Best Royalty-Free Music

There are many platforms offering royalty free music on the internet, and if you run a search for them you’ll be offered the most popular options. PremiumBeat, for example, offers 100% copyright free music that can be used wherever you want, while YouTube itself has an audio library that is very popular with content creators, but perhaps not as creative as some others.

We have found one that we think is an excellent source of royalty free music for YouTube videos and other online content. It’s called Freebeats.io and it offers a wide variety of music and other audio – including beats for rap tunes and more – that is all free to use, and much of it is highly impressive, original and very usable.

All you need to do is credit Freebeats.io as the supplier of your music, and they are happy for you to use it! There are of course certain terms and conditions that need to be met, but we recommend you check out their website for information on how they work, and then have a look and see how they can help.

Other Sources

As we mentioned earlier, there are other sources of free music that you might want to check out – Soundstripe and Audioblocks are two of the more popular and are well worth looking at – but wherever you go, do make sure that what they are offering is 100% copyright and royalty-free, or you might find yourself on the receiving end of a bill for music rights, or even have your channel taken down for breach of copyright.

Check out royalty-free music now, and make sure you get the right sounds for your video content.

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