4 Great Gadgets for the Modern Coffee Lover

If rather than just liking coffee, you love it, you are not alone. The popularity of coffee shows no signs of slowly down. As technology and gadgets continue to seep into every part of our lives, those good old cups of coffee are not safe from it…for the better. In the following post, therefore, we thought it was about time we covered some of the best coffee gadgets that all you lovers of coffee should own.


Do you like something a bit cooler than a boiling hot cup of joe? Particularly in the summertime, the HyperChiller is a gadget that can help chill your favorite bean drink without producing an overly watery beverage. You know, the kind you might get if you just poured some hot coffee over ice. What’s more it cools the drink down in just under a minute.

Heat-Adjustable Cauldron Fyre Mobile

While it’s not an especially new thing to have a cup warmer that connects to your car charger, as many coffee aficionados and tech-heads will know. However, one that stands out from the crowd is the Cauldron Fyre Mobile. This is a travel mug that is battery powered and gives you control over the temperature of your beverage throughout the day. You have the choice between, cold, boil, brew, hot and extra hot with temperatures selectable between 135-degrees and 212-degrees. It even benefits from handy USB ports.

Handheld, Portable Espresso Maker

From Nanopresso, the Portable Espresso Machine is quite an achievement. If you want to benefit from strong espresso wherever you are, this is the gadget you need. It features a fully patented pump that enables it to reach amazingly high-pressure levels while extracting all that brown elixir. In some cases, its power surpasses even that of home espresso makers. Literally all you need to do is achieve a nice, strong and rich espresso in minutes is pour in some boiling water and start the pump.

We absolutely love its portability too. At just under a pound in weight and no more than 6-inches long, this is ingenious gizmo.

If that’s not impressive enough, there is even a miniature version. On the go espressos don’t always have to include standing in line now.

Ember Smart Travel Coffee Mug

Made from ceramic for increased durability, the Ember is an awesome smart coffee mug for the coffee lover on the move. This features a temperature control that’s easy to adjust and will ensure your coffee stays at just the right level of warmth to suit your own preference. What’s more, you don’t even have to touch the dial on the mug itself as you can pair it up with your smartphone and use the app to control the temperature.

Pod Coffee Machine

If you don’t have a pod coffee machine yet, are you sure you can call yourself a coffee lover? Even if you have one of those flashy beans to cup machines at home, why not treat yourself to a coffee pod machine for work? You can find out more about one of the best and most popular models by reading this Keurig K425 review.

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