Who should be using the multiple monitor setup?

You may have noticed that multiple monitor setups are becoming more and more common these days. No matter if the person needs it or not, they usually have at least two screens they are checking at once. However, many people don’t understand that there needs to be a clear goal as to why you should be using this setup. Just having it is going to feel useless, unless you find a good application.

Here’s a list of professions and hobbies that benefit the most from utilizing multiple screen setups. Some of them can be surprising, but the value brought in from another screen cannot be ignored.

Financial Traders

Traders are people that like to go overboard with the whole multiple screen setups. There are cases where you can see some traders using more than 10 screens at the same time. Usually, this is either an indications that these people are professionals, or just don’t know what they’re doing.

The reasons for using multiple screens while trading is quite simple. It helps track different assets without having to switch to them manually. Therefore, when a major change is made in the price of a stock or a currency pair, the traders are able to react immediately. In fact, according to this UproFX review, traders with multiple screens are able to perform much better than traders with a single screen.

However, despite the effectiveness indicator, most traders still opt for 2 screens. Usually to track an asset on one and browse Reddit on the other.


Developers are the most common people to see with multiple screen setups as they use it as a means to save some time. You’d mostly see these people have their coding software on one screen and the output of that code on the other.

This helps to save time alt+tabbing every time you make a change in the code and have the changes in front of you at all times. Furthermore, it helps to see the difference a change in the code makes in real time, rather than memorising a previous version and basing your assumptions on that.

Multiple developers have noted that their efficiency has doubled with multiple screens. Most of them mentioned the real-time progress tracking, but there was a small percentage mentioning the option to open multiple text editors at once. For example, a web developer would have to do most of his or her job in CSS or Javascript. Having these intertwined sometimes requires to switch between the files. Having both of them open at the same time is able to save time as well.

There is another application that developers use for multiple screens. In fact, it can’t really be classified as multiple screens as it involves two different devices. You see, most web-apps, after completion needs some kind of testing to weed out the bugs. But, checking them only from one device is not enough. In fact, it’s not enough to check it from one type of device. Therefore, you’re likely to see developers writing code on a PC while testing it on a nearby MacBook.


It doesn’t require mentioning that the PC itself needs to be quite powerful to handle multiple applications to run at the same time. Based on the fact that most multiple screen users have several software programmes opened at once, it’s safe to say that most of them have quite powerful PCs.

And which PCs are the most powerful? Gaming PCs of course!

Streamers and, just gamers, in general, are the people you’ll most likely see using multiple screens at once. Due to the capabilities of their Personal Computers, they are able to have a Video game alongside some other software running at the same time. In fact, most of these people got multiple screens because of the power of their PCs. It was basically a “why not” moment.

Streamers basically have no other choice but to have multiple screens. The success of a streamer depends on his or her ability to communicate with his audience. If he or she is way too invested in the game and ignores the chat completely, chances are that not as many people will continue following him or her. In fact, the interaction between the streamer is the whole point of the stream itself.

Because of this, you’d see about 99.9% of streamers sport at least 2 screens on their setups. Only having one screen means one thing. You either can’t interact with your chat, leading to people not following you as much or just not being able to perform well during a game, which will also lead to not as many people following you in the long run.

Overall, streaming is probably the best hobby to apply multiple screens to.


Although designers don’t really need another screen for designing purposes, there are other aspects it can be used for.

For example, the comparison factor of the final product needs to always be addressed. Having to run around the office comparing the picture on different devices can be tiring. Therefore, having a high-resolution screen, let’s say OLED as your primary screen for designing and a common, lower quality screen for customer hindsight is of great benefit.

So who are the general users?

There is indeed no lack of users for the double screen setup. But as you can see the overwhelming majority of them leans towards creative work, a small part towards entertainement purposes and another small part towards more manual work.

Overall, it can be said that the two monitor setup is designed as a means of amplified convenience and a method of saving time. If you have a job or a hobby that requires you to always have the same thing appear on your screen, then the two monitor setup is guaranteed to be beneficial for you. Or if you just hate having multiple tabs open at the same time.

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