Waste Heat Recovery in Industry

Throughout many different industries there are processes that necessarily involve heat. Heat is energy – and in most cases, it is lost energy – that is entirely recyclable. What do we mean by this? Let’s say you are involved in a plant that requires products to be heated – an industrial bakery, for example, where there will be many ovens.

In this example, heat from flue gases will be expelled through the system. If we bring a heat recovery system into play, much of that heat – as much as 80% – can be recovered via a flue heat exchanger, and converted into hot water. When you consider that, on average, energy lost through flue gas or other heated processes can amount to 15% of your total energy usage, the cost of such losses can clearly be colossal.

Further Benefits of Heat Recovery

Waste heat recovery is widely used in industries such as metal working, heat processing plants, beverage manufacturing and as we have mentioned, in industrial bakeries. Indeed, these are just a few of the areas where you will find heat processes are a necessity.

Heat recovered from flue gases and other areas of heat loss can be recovered by the installation of a heat exchanger system, such as those available from Exodraft, who are experts in the industry with a large roster of satisfied clients. The heat exchanger will extract the excess heat and convert it into hot water, which can then be used for many purposes.

Indeed, factories are sometimes heated by waste energy recovery systems – as are offices and even some homes – as it is a cost-effective and highly efficient way of reducing your waste energy, and therefore being much more environmentally friendly. In some cases where large amounts of waste heat are generated, the heat is used in municipal systems.

Return on Investment

As leading suppliers of flue heat exchanger and other waste heat recovery systems to commercial and industrial clients, Exodraft can install a system – in most cases – that fits a heat exchanger between the source of the heat – a boiler, for example – and the existing chimney, so you will not need a major redesign. It is a hugely cost-effective way of ensuring your premises are as efficient and eco-friendly as possible.

The flue gases within the system are cooled by the heat exchanger, and this presents further advantages. Water can be separated from any pollutants that may be within the gases by using this method, which is very helpful for waste management purposes.

By retro-fitting a heat exchanger system in your processes where necessary you are not only saving money, but using as much as 80-90% of the waste heat generated for heating, cleaning or other purposes within the plant.

Should you believe that your plant or other commercial or industrial premises would benefit from a waste heat recovery system, you need to talk to Exodraft, and one of the expert team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and make the relevant recommendations.



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