Top 5 Learning Management Software For Business

There was a time when eLearning was considered to be only something larger corporations and enterprises would be able to afford. However, with the wide availability of many free solutions and services, it is a lot easier for employees to benefit from ongoing training and education. As good as the free options are, if you want your company to benefit the most from the best online learning programs, it is better to invest in those that are easy to use, come with comprehensive support and the best level of training.

To give you some helpful suggestions, we will look at five of the best learning management software solutions available right now.


You will find that most of the LMSs we have featured here are incredibly easy to use, but TalentLMS has really produced something that’s on a different level from the rest. Once you have signed into the trial run, you are taken through a very informative and well-laid-out tour of the product that will help you familiarise yourself with it.

One of the other key ways this stands out from the crowd is by its customisable gamification options. This part of the software enables you to add elements of competition and gaming where they are going to work best and set it up, so it works best for particular scenarios. The developers have also worked hard to ensure there are integrations with many third-party tools and services such as Stripe, PayPal, Trello, Slack and WordPress to name a few.

SAP Litmos

The next on our list is Litmos, which is a clever cloud-based LMS that has been devised to help with the launching, delivery and tracking quickly for training you are making available on-demand for your staff. They have really thought about making it intuitive for learners and administrators and it has a really nice look interface that makes sense.

You get access to, through SAP Litmos, the developer’s creation of Litmos Heroes. This is a comprehensive marketplace featuring more than 15,000 learning resources that are ready to go. These particular courses are designed to be easy to digest and are relatively short videos of between 5 and 20 minutes in length.


LearnUpon is flexible and is suitable for training company partners and employees. It benefits from an easy to navigate interface which makes it easy to follow how everything works without too much prior training. For when it’s necessary, you can receive help from your personal relationship manager.

Unlike some we’ve featured, unfortunately, the functionality matches the cost of the plan you opt for. So, if you go basic, you will miss out on many of the better features.


An easy to scale and versatile piece of software, Docebo is an all-in-one learning option for your business. The biggest thing Docebo has in its favour is the white labelling and branding along with the extensive localisation. There is often a limited number of things you can customise in an LMS, with Docebo, you can do just about change just about everything on-page to tie it in with your business. The fact that localisation is taken seriously means it’s available in 40 languages.

iSpring Learn

Another cloud-based option, iSpring Learn is simple to use. The big thing that separates this from its rivals is iSpring Suite, a truly potent toolkit that is fully integrated. This offers more in terms of building up eLearning courses for your employees including simulations, video lectures and assessments.

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