Technology To Help Your Company Premises Stay More Secure

Business premises are often targeted by criminals and thieves. Often they are easy to access, even if you are a member of the public and not on the payroll or a client or customer and because they are also busy a lot of the time, it can be easy to walk in and out of them without anyone batting an eyelid. If you are a businessowner, you need to provide the right level of protection for your workplace.

Not just so you can prevent the theft or copy of sensitive information like customer’s and client’s names, addresses, bank details and other things, but also so you can protect you and your workforce. If you are wondering how best to do this, we have provided a number of great technology-based security methods you should consider for your office or business property.

Install CCTV and Actually Use it Properly

One of the first and most obvious security measures you can take to protect you, your staff and you’re your company is by installing CCTV for your business. Try to invest the most comprehensive and sophisticated system you can afford, because really you want all entry and exit points covered as well as areas where sensitive data is filed or the computers that they are filed on are used. Make sure you use it properly and either hire professional and experienced security staff or train up your staff, so they know how to use the equipment properly.

Log the tapes and mark them up clearly, so that you have a record that you can use if necessary to identify when and where a security breach occurred.

Update Your ID Cards and Badges

If like many businesses, it is company policy that all your employees need to wear some form of official identification card or badge when in and around your premises, this is a great way to secure the workplace. When did you last update them, though? Are you still using laminated photographic identification cards?

It may be time for an update, as those old fashioned cards can be easily cloned to allow thieves and criminals to gain access to your business property. There are various advancements in ID technology these days. For instance, you can invest in ID cards that are chipped. These chips tend to contain all the important personal data about the owner and also provide features that can prevent them from being easily copied.

RFID tagging is another option. These can even let you track exactly who entered your building at which access points and when they did it.

The more sophisticated you make things like ID cards, the harder it is for criminals to copy them.

Provide Training

We’ve already touched on it under the section about CCTV, but it is such an important point that it bears repeating. It is vital that you establish a business culture based around privacy and security being important. When it comes to the use of computers and other pieces of technology in our workplace, make sure your employees are knowledgeable and trained adequately in safe computer, tablet, and internet use, and make sure any anti-virus and other internet security software you use is regularly updated.

Also train them up on how to report security breaches or potential security breaches. Normally, the quicker these are identified and eliminated, the better. Preventative measures will always be more effective and efficient, though.