How the gadget world is changing. Is it for the better?

The first gadget my dad listened to music on was a portable cassette player, mine – a portable CD player, my younger brother’s – an iPod! Gadgets across all industries have evolved through the generations, and this continuous development of technology is something that is set to continue forevermore. Maybe my future grandson will one day have a hologram of Rihanna singing right in front of him – who knows?

Gadgets are now used in almost every aspect of our lives. In fact, many of you are probably reading this article on one right now! The question is, though, has the gadget world gone toofar? As a whole we are undoubtedly a world obsessed with having the latest gadget, but there are significant reasons behind this. Technological advancements have resulted in gadgets providing more and more functionalities and becoming increasingly portable. We probably don’t need every single gadget out there, but they can certainly make life a lot easier and much more enjoyable for consumers all over the world.

Put it this way. Would you rather lug a bag around all day containing: a mobile phone, a camera, a video recorder, a map, a diary, a laptop that has access to the internet, a portable games console, and a number of other items? Or, would you rather carry just one smartphone in your pocket? There is no denying that gadgets have revolutionised the world, and the smartphone is just one of millions of gadgets available to us today.


It is difficult to imagine what else a smartphone could possibly do, but companies work on new ideas every single day. It is rumoured that the ‘next big thing’ in the smartphone industry will be flexible screens. Amongst many other benefits, this will hugely improve the durability of smartphones. Gone will be the days where we drop our phone and pick it up in slow motion – praying that our screen has remained unaffected.


Another gadget that has certainly evolved recently is the tablet. Laptops allow for on-the-go people to get on with their work just about anywhere, but they can still be a nuisance to carry around. Tablets, however, provide even greater portability and include an array of additional benefits such as extended battery life, apps and 3G or 4G internet services. Of course the laptop still beats tablets with regard to storage and other functionalities, but with many tablets now including features such as USB ports and attachable keyboards, it shouldn’t be too long until they become the widely preferred gadget.

Google Glass

Traditionally glasses help people to see better, but Google Glass helps people to see more. Google’s newest gadget, set for public release in 2014, provides augmented reality and will display useful information right in front of your eyes, such as nearby places of interest. They use a prism display which delivers the equivalent viewing experience of a HD display. Google Glass can also take photos or record videos using voice commands, and proceed to store up to 16GB worth of them or share them instantly with social networks. Other remarkable features include a navigation feature and a translation tool. Oh, and you can attach lenses too (I suppose they are glasses at the end of the day).

Smart Watches

Owning the latest gadget has become a fashion statement. In fact, gadgets are now replacing some of our existing fashion accessories! The smart watch concept has been around for a while now, but it has never really taken off. The release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, however, could soon change the game. This smart watch is not an independent device as it currently works alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (it will soon be available for other models too). Features include a touchscreen and the ability to make and receive phone calls. Ben Shaffer, the man behind Nike’s Fuel Band, has also recently been poached by Apple, which has certainly added fuel (excuse the pun) to the rumours that they are planning on entering the smart watch industry with the iWatch.

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