Best Camping Tech to Take Away this Summer

There is a certain allure to camping that once it grabs you, never lets you go!

Pitching your tent in a beautiful spot and settling down for a night under the stars is an experience that is like no other.

Whether you go camping alone, with friends, or with a partner or as a family, it’s a wonderful way to be as close to nature as you can be, and it is a world away from the rigours and demands of your busy daily life.

If you are reading this you’re likely an experienced camper, but even if you are a novice looking for inspiration, you’ll find some great ideas among our list of essential tech items that will help make your summer camping trip even more fun.

So, let’s have a look at the items we think you need in addition to your usual kit.


Portable Espresso Maker

Love your coffee? So do we, and it’s one of those things we miss when we’re out in the wild.

Instant coffee just isn’t the same, so what you really need is a very handy, very clever portable espresso maker, and there are a few on the market that are effective, easy to use, and don’t need electricity!

All you need is coffee beans and water, and in no time at all you can have that pick-me-up that will keep you going through the day!

Wood Burning Stove

Sounds like a bulky item that you don’t want to carry around, doesn’t it?

Well, if you look around, you’ll find there are some very clever, very compact stoves that will easily fit in your backpack, and that weigh very little.

What’s more, if you check out the models from BioLite, you’ll find some very innovative models that also use the heat to create energy, so you can charge your phone – very clever, and very useful too.

Power Pack

This is an essential yet often forgotten item: the mobile phone power pack.

Charge it up before you leave and keep it handy, and you can charge your phone in the event your battery runs down.

You can then charge it up again using your wood burning stove! Very handy in camping emergencies, and not at all expensive.

Torches and Lamps

Part of the fun of camping out is the late evenings and the night.

You’ll probably want to build a fire and sit late into the evening, watch the sun go down and simply relax.

Getting around in the dark can be a problem, however, and whether it’s to answer a call of nature, or just to explore, we recommend you get hold of a rechargeable LED headlamp to make sure there’s no accidental trips along the way.

With your hands free and a powerful beam that will light up your path, you can go where you want unhindered, and they are not expensive either.

Cooler Bag

Gone are the days when cooler bags were large, cumbersome items that were a chore to carry around.

These days, you can find a wide range of portable models that are fully leakproof and very efficient.

The best models keep your drink – be honest, it’s for beer – cool for as many as three days, which is a major bonus.

Solar Camping Shower

You may well have a version of one of these that you use, but we really recommend you check out some of the newer, solar powered camping showers.

Very versatile, extremely useful and highly effective, this is the easiest way to enjoy a revitalising shower when out in the wilds, and they pack away into a surprisingly compact and lightweight package when not in use.

Absolutely essential, and surprisingly cheap.

Water Filter Bottle

Water is an essential element when out camping, and even if you are sure the source you find is clear, you need to filter it effectively to be on the safe side.

There are many water filter bottles on the market that have been proven to do the job.

Look for one with a two-stage filtration system for the most efficient and thorough filtering, and enjoy clean and safe water wherever you might be.

Portable Grill

Modern technology is great isn’t it?

Check out the Bison Rolling BBQ Grill for something very clever. It’s a grill, but it’s one that you can actually roll up into a neat and very portable package when not in use, yet is extremely effective when put to use!

This is a must-have item, and there are many other grills you can choose from that are also worth checking out.

The above represents just a few items from a simply endless selection of clever, useful and often essential tech items that will make your camping trips more enjoyable, easier and practical, so we hope we have inspired you to revamp your camping kit ready for the summer season.

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