The Emerging Field of Video SEO Optimization

Marketing is a complex field in the digital age. We use many mediums to get a brand across to the relevant audience. The modern consumer likes to see new content, especially when they are loyal to a brand, and one of the most popular forms of media for digital marketing is video. With easy-to-use tools available at sensible prices, the power of YouTube – for example – cannot be overlooked.

Part and parcel of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. As an online or physical business owner you will already use SEO to ensure your website, blog, and other marketing media are highly ranked when it comes to search engines. This is done by way of keeping ahead with great, relevant, and original content that your consumers read. So, SEO for Video: what’s it all about?

What is SEO for Video?

For an example of a leading name in the emerging field of video SEO we recommend you have a look at this website  – SEO by Sociallyin – as they explain things in more detail than we have room to do. However, we can talk about the basics and try and get the overall idea across.

Video SEO is about getting your video seen by the people who you want to target. The great thing about video – and about YouTube – is that it reaches vast numbers of viewers. However, the problem is that because of video being a popular medium for marketing, there will be competition, no matter how niche your market is. This is why your videos need to be optimized to the highest degree. Let’s have a look at why video is so important to your marketing routine.

Why Do I Need SEO for Video?

Consider this statistic: 86% of businesses, across all market sectors, are already using some form of video marketing. If you are not, you have already fallen behind. But there’s still time to get on board. It is likely that you use a professional service provider to keep on top of your SEO for your website and blogs. This is the path you should also take when it comes to video SEO and production.

The consumer of the 21st century wants access to a variety of content. Words on the page, however, are becoming less popular – and therefore successful in marketing terms – than video content. Your customers want to see entertaining, informative, and interesting videos. Yet, SEO means you need to optimize your script, titles, and captions for keyword ranking. There is a lot more to getting it right – it needs to be the right length, for example, and also the link needs to be in the most popular place for clicks on your site or blog. So, should you do it yourself, or use the professionals?


Good marketing routines are the heart of a growing business. With video becoming ever more popular, and viewers being willing to watch for longer, you have an opportunity you cannot miss. Talk to the professionals now and start your video SEO right away.