Krait – The World’s First Modular Power Strip Charger

Like most people, do you have several different gadgets, devices, and other mains and battery-powered appliances that need to be charged? Are you sick and tired of dealing with a confusing variety of power cables and charging leads that easily become entangled and make a mess and pose a potential safety risk?

If you are familiar with this scenario, then a brand new Indiegogo campaign launched by Innfact, a Taiwanese company, on January 14th this year (2022), will be of great interest to you. The company has developed the world’s first – modular power strip called Krait and is looking for backers and buyers on the crowdfunding platform.

What is Krait?

The Krait Modular Powerstrip has been designed with the main goal of minimizing clutter at both homes and in the workplace. The charging device is divided up into what Innofact call puzzles –

  • The Source Puzzle
  • The AC Puzzle
  • The DC Puzzle
  • The Plug Puzzle

The Source Puzzle

The source puzzle is the central component of the Krait modular powerstrip and supports the whole power output to a maximum of 1650-watts and features smart surge protection and overloaded shutdown feature for all the devices connected downstream. There are also 4 LED indicators that you can use to monitor the current and it comes with various power cord lengths for use in different applications.

The AC Puzzle

The AC Puzzle component features 3 independent AC outlets that are designed to support Japanese, Taiwanese, and American plugs. The component also benefits from smart AutoShut protection when it is unplugged or not plugged in properly to the outlet to provide electrical safety. The AC Puzzle also comes with the option of a Bluetooth remote control offering total control over the power of each individual AC outlet and comes with a programmable timer built-in.

The DC Puzzle 

The DC Puzzle component of the Krait features two USB Type-A and two USB Type-C ports that can support 65 to 100-watts and benefits from 100-watts GaN charger technology that is known for its high efficiency to provide support for fast-charging through USB for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Additionally, it also features a one-touch switch to turn off the power when devices are charged fully.

The Plug Puzzle

The Plug Puzzle can be used to convert the Plug Puzzle component into a charger to provide quick charging for devices when you are on the go. This component is available for Taiwan, Japan, and US-based users. There is also product development underway to make it used in the EU and Australia.

At the moment, the Indiegogo campaign that was launched on January 14th has received 110 backers and 52% of the target funds required. There are a variety of different packages available if you want to back the campaign and provide funding, such as the Indiegogo Max Pack, the Standard Pack, the Indiegogo innSafe Pack, and the Build Your Own Krait pack which allows you the chance to fully customize your Krait modular power strip. You can take a look at the campaign here.