How Marketing Automation and Growth Hacking Tools Help Build Your Business

Online marketing is a major part of any business’s promotion. The problem is that as the modern-day consumer expects far more in terms of engagement and experience when dealing with an online business, there’s a lot of work to be done to get your marketing right. You need to be able to embrace and utilise social media, for example, especially if your customer base involves the younger, computer-savvy generation. You also need to know what impact your brand is having in your market sector.

There are a number of growth hacking tools that are designed to help with some areas of online marketing conundrum. These can help in specific ways. One of the most important aspects of growing a business lies in understanding your customer base. You need to be aware of what they expect from their experience with your brand, how they found their retail journey, and what they think could be done to improve it.

Many such tools enable you to track conversations and mentions of your brand, and to analyse these and interact. By having such data to hand, you can build a more accurate picture of the customer you want to target and increase your lead generation by a surprising amount. Timesaving is also important in online marketing, hence marketing automation tools are another important consideration.

Marketing Automation and Personalization

When you shop online or in a physical store, you expect to be treated as the individual you are. Modern consumers want the personal touch, especially when it comes to online retail and commerce. Your customers will be able to spot a standard email or message response immediately, so you need to check out some of the marketing automation tools that also enable you to personalize messages and often website to suit specific types or groups of customer.

For example, a regular customer does not need to be shown your home page every time they visit. Some tools can avoid this by recognising repeat customers over new ones and send them where they are most likely to need to be. This speeds up the process and saves time for you and your customers.

Other automation tools include automated emails and message responses, automated ordering and payment portals, and even automated call handling out of hours. The sophistication of present-day chatbots – which handle enquires when the business is closed or busy – is impressive, and they can handle some quite complex enquiries.

Communication and Response

The time taken to write an email in reply to an enquiry can easily be cut down with one of the better growth hacking and marketing automation tools, and lead generation will certainly be increased when such a system is put into place. This leaves your team to get back to their actual job rather than handling enquiries, and the return on investment with such a tool is worth looking at. Check out the many automation tools available, and you’ll find one for your size and type of business.