Can you Google your way to a Successful App or Software?

Have you ever seen Programmer jokes on the internet? In fact, there’s a whole Reddit section devoted to that type of humour. And no matter how many jokes are made, almost all of them are connected to the fact that both, beginner and experienced developers use Google as their primary tool for building various apps and software. So, it’s natural to think, if it is actually possible to create a product through 0 knowledge or hasty construction. There are 2 examples that are relatively popular today, and they bother to target different types of technology. One is a software and the other is an app.

Hasty construction in your own house

During the beginning of the 21st century, there was this phenomenon called the “tech boom”. It was a time when pretty much every company was trying to acquire a digital presence, new tech companies like Google, Youtube and Amazon were being formed and revolutionizing the world. One of the industries, however, was lagging behind, and it was probably one of the most lucrative ones active at that time and today as well. The financial markets had pretty much no digital presence, all of the tools were done on various companies’ websites or through other means, which meant a lot less accessibility and hassle for traders.

At that moment, a savvy developer in Russia had the idea that a private software company would be an amazing addition to the industry. Although this developer was not completely inexperienced, the software itself is a testimony to the capabilities and technologies of the time. I am referring to the popular MetaQuotes company that is pretty much the industry standard software provider of platforms like the MetaTrader5 or MetaTrader4.

It is no secret that the software was constructed with speed in mind. Even if you take a look at it right now, you’d see it resembling something more relevant to earlier versions of Windows rather than our modern technology. However, with relatively little experience, a few research opportunities and haste, the developer was able to create a multi-million dollar company with just software as its product. However, this was during a time where these types of businesses and products thrived. What about the modern world? Is it still possible?

Hey Google! How do I build an App?

Michael Sayman was the talk of the United States back in 2014 when his App called “4 Snaps” became extremely popular on the store. The young entrepreneur was not too savvy with technology to a point where he had formal education or a lot of experience. He has been heard saying that he just got a nice idea thanks to his sister and just started doing it.

The App was created in 2013 when such software was in high demand and had relatively smaller competition compared to today. However, this didn’t mean that the App would be successful without conditions. Michael has said that, when making the App, it was something completely different from what he was used to. Therefore he had to do a lot of Googling to find the right functions and code to implement in his App. Fortunately for him, the App became extremely popular, and thanks to that popularity, Michael managed to land an internship with Facebook.

The revenue generated through the App (rumoured to be around $2 million) went to support his family and himself in the future. This case just proves to us that a good idea, correct tools and a lot of determination can indeed land your success even if it was realized without any experience.


There are dozens of examples such as the ones mentioned above. However, these are probably one of the best case studies. Even if a developer does not have the knowledge or experience in coding complex software, he or she still has a lot of tools to use. Furthermore, the examples show the importance of when these Apps were created and why they succeeded. So, the next time you have an idea for an App, make sure to “look around” and see what’s the trend situation in the digital sphere at that moment. Maybe you should wait a little bit before publishing your App.

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