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If you are into online casinos, you probably have a favourite one that you play regularly. You also likely have a favourite casino game, or you might like to play slot machines, but did you know that if you play at the same casino all the time, you might be missing out on free money and other possible bonuses?

We’re talking about the practice of offering ‘welcome bonuses’ to new players. Every online casino uses these as incentives to get new players on board. They range from an offer to match your initial deposits – or sometimes more than one – to free spins on slot machines, and they vary greatly. At one casino, for example, they will match as much as £400; that’s £400 of free money for you to play with!

Where to Find the Best Bonuses

So, how did we find out about these brilliant offers? We went to Boom Casino, a new online resource providing a wealth of useful information and details of welcome bonuses at the best online casinos in the UK. They have detailed information on how you can claim your bonuses at each casino – as well as links to the casino sites – and they also offer a series of very helpful guides.

You can read an online casino review of each featured casino, and find out the games that are available. What we will say is that every casino gives you the same traditional casino games – poker, blackjack, and roulette are all there, plus a wealth of slots and other games – and in some, you can play live against other real-time players, with a live croupier or dealer in the best casinos!

The feature we like best at Boom Casino is the betting guides. What are these about? It’s like this: we all know that in every casino game, the odds are always in favour of the house. Put simply, they don’t want you to win! With the Boom Casino betting guides, they have put together very useful, genuine advice on how to play each game – there’s a guide for roulette, one for blackjack, and even one for slot machines – so that you increase your chances of winning and reduce that of the house. They are essential reading for any player and come highly recommended by us.

Get the Best Advice

If you are playing with one casino then it really is worth checking out Boom Casino for the latest in online casino offers and incentives. They also have information on the different payment methods – we were interested to read that it is not always wise to pay via Mastercard, for example – and also on how to redeem certain offers that may seem confusing.

As a guide to playing online casino games, Boom Casino gets a big thumbs-up from us, and we reckon it makes vital reading even for the experienced player. Check it out now and sign up for a new casino, and take advantage of the many excellent welcome bonuses available.

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