10 Reasons You Need An IT Support Company

Running your own business can be hard work and it can be even harder if you are a sole trader. Being a sole trader you have to wear many hats and do your own accounting, sales and even your own IT support.

If you are a small company then it can take time away from another member of staffs key duty which can mean your business growth slows as they are busy doing the IT support rather than the actual role you hired them for.

We have put together a list of the some of the reasons why you may want to consider outsourcing this to a managed IT support company.

Legal requirement to back up data

You don’t want to lose everything if there’s a data breach. An IT company can help with this and make sure your data is secure and that all risk of legal issues are looked after.

They will make sure you are up to date

Software updates are coming out all the time. Your IT company will make all the changes needed. This means you can focus on your business and not worry about updates.

You might not know what to do

Like any business, its best left to the professionals. You could waste half a day, or even a full day trying to fix an issue and still not be able to solve it. Thats why its best to use experts who can resolve the issues quickly for you.

You don’t want to spend the weekend fixing issues

IT problems don’t just happen during a 9 to 5 working day. Hackers or scripts work 24/7 so that means a problem could happen at anytime. Having an IT support company means that they can work on the issue remotely for you so that you can sleep more easily.

Sometimes you can’t see the issues yourself

When you are out and about running your business its good to know that someone else is there looking for potential issues that might arise without you knowing. For example if a new virus has been launched then they can make sure your virus software is all up to date.

It helps with storage solutions

Most companies are unsure of how much storage they will need for the clients. Sometimes a free or low cost solution is not quite good enough. Outsourcing your storage means they can handle a lot more data for you as well as do back ups.

It gives your customers confidence

Outsourcing your to an external company helps show potential customers that you are professional and take your computer and data issues seriously. It also helps with GDPR issues as well.


Having your IT solutions outsourced is something you should definitely consider. While it may look like an added cost that is not needed it will be something you are really happy to have if something goes wrong.